Hello, Im Kyle and this is my photography business. Here you can find my blog of all of the events i’m at. As well as the events you can also find the personal bookings I do. This is my hobby but it also is another business venture for me. I do bookings through my contact on this site whether its my number, socials, or email, if you reach out I will respond to you in due time. I would love to work with anyone who reaches out to me for reasonable pricing. Now about me, I am 18 and entering college, I work part time at a restaurant and also do headlight restoration for Safety Clear Inc. This is my own business and want to showcase my skills to anyone who books me and make them happy. I love photography and recently started mastering it. Im certified in Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator and those three are where I do editing on my photos. After I do a photoshoot, depending on the amount of photos, I do take time and edit them. I do not do any basic editing though, I go through each photo one-by-one and edit in the way that keeps quality while also making each photo look as clean as possible. Keeping in touch during editing is nice so I can know what exactly you are looking for in each photo. Now it would be awesome if you have a look at my work.


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ありがとう (THANK YOU)